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Dear Friends and Family of Bel Canto Singers of Daytona:

We hope you and your loved ones are safe, healthy, and well. Because of the Covid pandemic, this year has been difficult for us all. All performing arts organizations, including Bel Canto, have had to discontinue their concerts, plays, and performances.  However, our Board of Directors has been meeting regularly, creating a pathway for the future. This past year would have been our 50th Celebratory Season, a great accomplishment for any performing arts group.  We had planned a wonderful season of special concerts, celebrating what we do best – superb, innovative choral music in greater Volusia County.

Because of the pandemic, and its virulence, we have not been able to rehearse or perform for the 2020-21 Season.  Regretfully, all five concerts have had to be cancelled.

As you can imagine, the Board weighed this decision very carefully. Our actions are based on available data and information about singing during a pandemic. We were all aware of announced performance interruptions from our fellow choruses, concert, and opera organizations all over, Florida, the US and the world. We are acutely aware of the social and psychological impact our separation from each other is having on our members, in terms of loss of community, social interaction, and music-making. WE WANT TO SING!! We miss singing!

Ultimately, the Board’s primary concern is centered in the health and well-being of everyone in our organization’s orbit. We have taken into consideration our members and audiences, as well as the family members and significant others with whom we interact. Until there are viable medical solutions that allow safe interaction, we will not put anyone in harm’s way.

The Board is continuing to meet, though, to come up with a plan for our future.

As our organization continues to work in ways old and new throughout this pandemic, we are making the 2021-22 Season, with rehearsals starting up in August 2021, our Delayed 50th Anniversary Season. Bel Canto Singers will present our new season with exciting, imaginative programing of scheduled regular performances in October and December 2021, and February-March and May 2022. 

In the interim we are posting releases of titles from previous performances, on our website.  Please go online and have a listen.   We are proud of our efforts and hope you will enjoy rehearing them.  Audio recordings will be available on our website and/or on YouTube. We have created a virtual performance of a new title, which is Dan Forrest’s Come to Me. It is a wonderfully evocative piece based on scripture. “This song always reminds us of holy moments of saying good-bye and pointing a friend to the loving, calling Jesus.” and would have been part of our October 2020 concert. We also have created a short video celebrating 50 years of singing in the Daytona Beach area. Take a look and listen.

While we all feel deeply disappointed about our continuing separation from each other, know that the Bel Canto Singers of Daytona continues to be here for you, sharing our gift of song in the safest way possible, until we meet again.

A major source of our funding each year is from ticket sales at our concerts.  With our five concerts and sources of income canceled for 2020-21, we need funding. We ask you now to show your endorsement of Bel Canto Singers. This is not an easy thing for us to do!  We need your financial support. Please show your backing for Bel Canto Singers of Daytona, what we stand for, and for the power of music in your life by donating or making a pledge.

We hope you will want to contribute to the future of music in the Daytona area and help us with a donation.  All contributions are tax-deductible, and we are grateful for donations of any amount.

Our sincere thanks for continuing to be part of the Bel Canto family. Your gracious generosity helps ensure that we realize our top priorities: to sustain the Bel Canto Singers of Daytona and continue to nurture good choral music in the greater Volusia County area. We are looking forward to seeing you at our Delayed 50th Anniversary Season starting in October 2021.

— The Bel Canto Singers of Daytona Board of Directors             

Lou Fifer, President

Cass Panuska, Vice President   

Geraldine Westwood, Recording Secretary

Tree Hazard, Treasurer

Anita Wimbish, Corresponding Secretary

Linné Player, IT Specialist

Jim Koepkey, Member-at-Large

David Redman, Artistic Director

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P.O. Box 291493, Port Orange, FL 32129-1493

Phone: (386) 492-1940

Email: talk2us@belcantodaytona.org

Programs funded in part through support from the Cultural Council of Volusia County.